Short-Term Mission Teams

Effectiveness on the mission field begins with thoroughness in the classroom.

Alongside your classroom training, your professors will lead the way, extending your classroom training to the mission field. Each team is specifically designed to advance strategic gospel efforts and expose students to cross cultural missions.

From the jungles of Brazil to the mountains of East Asia, the cities of Haiti, to the south of France, each student will be challenged to engage in missions and “get their passport stamped!”

Bevin Center mission trip participants can expect to receive the following training and skills:

  • Culture Acquisition
  • Fundraising Guidance
  • Language Training
  • Cross Cultural Communication
  • Team Building
  • Evangelism Preparation
  • Faculty Instruction
  • Career Missionary Interaction
  • Course Credit
  • Contingency Protocol Education

All trips, dates, and costs are tentative and subject to change. Spots are limited so apply early.

Students may take 44930 Applied Ministry and 33150 Area Studies: Missions in conjunction with the trips. Tuition and trip scholarships are available.

Contact the Bevin Center with any questions.

Strategize. Mobilize. Lead.

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International Teams

Application Deadline: Monday, November 28, 2016
Application Fee: $30
Trip Cost: International: $2,900 ~ Domestic: $1,200

*Lower airfare may result in the lowering of these price points for select trips

Summer Date Range: May 20-July 15, 2017
Spring Break: April 3-7, 2017
*All dates are subject to airfare availability.

*Summer international trips will range from 10-14 days on the field.











Europe and Africa

Team Spain

July 14th-24th
Team Leader: Dr. Matthew Hall
Projected Cost: $2,900

This team will serve at an English soccer camp for children and teenagers, providing help with instruction, English lessons, and daily devotionals. Join Dr. Matthew Hall in León, Spain at Campamento Evangelico Eduardo Turral, a Christian summer camp, teaching children the fundamentals of soccer and of the faith. The trip will also give students exposure to evangelical church life in one of Europe’s most secular nations. Team members do not need to be fluent Spanish speakers.

No longer accepting applications


Team Ireland

July 7th-17th
Team Leader: Dr. Wellum
Projected Cost: $2,900

This team will work alongside Munster Bible College to assist Baptist churches in County Cork, Ireland. Team Ireland will be part teaching, part “boots on the ground” as they work to assist believers in starting sound gospel movements in the region.

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Team Refugee Work Athens, Greece

March 31st-April 9th
Team Leader: Southern Faculty
Projected Cost: $2,900

Looking for a tangible way to get involved with refugee work in Europe? Join Dr. John Klaassen in Athens working with Baptist Global Relief to provide physical and spiritual help to refugees fleeing war torn regions. This is a once-in-a-lifetime trip and we are looking for SBTS and Boyce students who are passionate about sharing the gospel and working hard to serve those in desperate need.

No longer accepting applications


Team Russia

May 15th-25th
Team Leader: Dr. Melissa Tucker
Projected Cost: $2,900

This team will partner with an international Christian school to teach children and share the gospel. This team will consist of Boyce College Teacher Education Program students who want to broaden their teaching horizons. The door is open for students to gse their God-given gifts and education for the gospel witness abroad.

No longer accepting applications


Team Ethiopia

May 19th-29th
Team Leader: Dr. Mike Pohlman
Projected Cost: $2,500

Team Ethiopia will join Dr. Pohlman in the capital of Addis Ababa for a week of pastoral training and evangelism. Come and be a part of what the Lord is doing in The Horn of Africa!

No longer accepting applications


Team North Africa

July 15h-30th
Team Leader: Southern Faculty
Projected Cost: $2,900

Join the Jenkins Center Team this summer in engaging Muslims with the good news of Jesus. This is an opportunity for you to travel to the Southern Europe and North Africa with a mentor who has lived there, gain valuable missions and evangelism experience, and earn 3 hours of course credit! This trip is perfect if you are looking for more discernment about a career in international missions or more experience as you prepare for your role as a missionary.

No longer accepting applications





Middle East and Asia

Team Middle East

Projected Cost: $2,900

Join the Jenkins Center in engaging Muslims with the good news of Jesus. This is a region in turmoil from war and disasters and is in great need of the peace that surpasses all understanding. If you feel called to long-term service in the Middle East this team is for you!

No longer accepting applications


Team South Asia

July 6th-19th
Team Leader: Dr. George Martin
Projected Cost: $2,900

Join Dr. Martin in South Asia as his team engages Hindus, Muslims, and Buddhists. This trip will be something of a buffet of missions and it will give you a picture of what ministry overseas looks and feels like.

No longer accepting applications


Team Persian Gulf

Team Leader: Dr. Kevin Jones
Projected Cost: $2,900

Team Persian Gulf will learn how to engage the Muslim world with business as mission as well as teacher education as mission. Use your gifts and education to be placed into a strategic position to impact this region for God’s glory and fame. This trip will reveal to you a future of vibrant ministry you can have in a foreign land through business and education.

No longer accepting applications


Team Southeast Asia

June 6th-18th
Team Leader: Dr. George Martin
Projected Cost: $2,900

Team Southeast Asia will come alongside local Christian workers and train the next generation of pastors in this region through ministry trainings and seminaries. Just a few years ago this country was closed to the outside world, now with doors cracked open the gospel is spreading to a people in desperate need of lasting hope and peace.

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Team East Asia

May 19th-June 4th
Team Leader: Dr. George Martin
Projected Cost: $2,900

Join a church-planting team proclaiming Christ to unreached Muslim people groups through relational evangelism and prayer. Facilitate an underground church pastors’ conference led by the professor. Travel to several unreached regions to catch God’s heart for the nations. Be mentored by experienced missionaries on the field and commit to a humble openness—your Creator may redirect your life for his global glory.

No longer accepting applications


Team Business

Team Leader: Southern Faculty
Projected Cost: $2,600

Join Southern faculty on this business as missions trip to the Middle East.  The purpose of the trip is to give the students exposure to different organizational and ministry models (business and non-profit) used by practitioners to do church planting work in restricted access nations and in Muslim contexts. If you are thinking about business as missions you will not want to miss this opportunity!

No longer accepting applications







Latin America and The Caribbean

Team Costa Rica

May 26th-June 5th
Team Leader: Dr. Jeff Hunter
Projected Cost: $1,900

Team Costa Rica will work on Costa Rica’s West Coast for outreach and training. This trip might be an open door for long term ministry in Costa Rica.

No longer accepting applications

Team Cuba

Team Leader: Dr. Rob Plummer
Projected Cost: $1,500

Team Cuba will join Dr. Plummer for a week of pastoral training, women’s ministry, and outreach.  Are you looking to serve? This is a trip that has something for everyone!

No longer accepting applications






North American Teams

**Application Deadline:  Monday, October 31, 2016
**Final cost is subject to airfare and on the ground costs
**Projected cost is $1,200

Crossover: Phoenix

Team Leader: Southern Faculty

Engage in evangelism and ministry during Crossover 2017 leading up to the Southern Baptist Convention in Phoenix, Arizona.

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