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Effectiveness on the mission field begins with thoroughness in the classroom.

Alongside your classroom training, your professors will lead the way, extending your classroom training to the mission field. Each team is specifically designed to advance strategic gospel efforts and expose students to cross cultural missions.

What to Expect On a Bevin Center Trip

Culture Acquisition
Fundraising Guidance
Language Training
Cross Cultural Communication
Team Building
Evangelism Preparation
Faculty Instruction
Career Missionary Interaction
Course Credit
Contingency Protocol Education

International Trips

Team Holland

July 22-31, 2018 | Dr. Klaassen
Join Team Holland as they walk the busy streets of Amsterdam in search of Gospel centered conversations.  Each day will consist of time devoted to both evangelism and discipleship training.  In an effort to connect the classroom to the mission field, Boyce College students will need to sign up for MS 105 Personal Evangelism, summer term, to get course credit.

Team UK

May 31-June 17, 2018 | Dr. Haykin
This team will begin their journey in Northern Ireland working alongside a local church. Students will help implement a revitalization strategy through means of evangelism outreach. From Ireland, the team will depart for England where they will help support and encourage two separate churches. Students should be prepared to evangelize and teach while in country.

Team Ireland

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July 6-16, 2018 | Dr. Vickers
This team will work alongside Munster Bible College to assist Baptist churches in County Cork, Ireland. Team Ireland will be part teaching, part “boots on the ground” as they work to assist believers in starting sound gospel movements in the region.

Team Russia

May 16-26, 2018 | Dr. Tucker
This team will partner with an international Christian school to teach children and share the gospel. This team will consist of Boyce College Teacher Education Program students who want to broaden their teaching horizons. The door is open for students to use their God-given gifts and education for the gospel witness abroad.

Team Italy

May 31-June 10, 2018 | Dr. Kevin Jones
This team will work with a local church in Rome, partnering with them to share the gospel with Catholics, Agnostics, and Atheists.  The Pastor of this church has been serving in the heart of Italy for many years and will lead our team in street evangelism and ministry.

Team South Asia

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April 1-15, 2018 | Dr. Klaassen
Team South Asia will encounter a wide range of religions and people groups as they work to spread the Good News through relational living. Students should expect to invest time with children and adults as they travel through large cities and isolated villages. This trip will give vision to global missions and may be best suited for those who have a heart for children and unreached people groups.

Team Southeast Asia

May 18-June 2, 2018 | Dr. Martin
Team Southeast Asia will come alongside local Christian workers and train the next generation of pastors in this region through ministry trainings and seminaries. Just a few years ago this country was closed to the outside world, now with doors cracked open the gospel is spreading to a people in desperate need of lasting hope and peace.

Team Himilayas

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July 18-28, 2018 | Dr. Martin
Are you ready to proclaim Christ to unreached people groups within the Himilayas?  Prepare to be used as the hands and feet of Christ as you experience missions in different roles and geographical locations as you are interwoven with IMB personnel.

Team North Africa

January 7-21, 2019 | Dr. Ibrahim
This winter on Team North Africa students will receive training on how to evangelize within an Islamic culture!  Time will be spent with former Muslims who will share insight and their testimonies.  The team will then visit Muslims and nominal Christians in underprivileged regions to practice what they have learned through witnessing and presenting the Gospel.

Team Pacific Rim

January 2019 | Dr. Martin
Prepare to go country hopping in the Pacific Rim as we work to bring the gospel to the people of Asia. This trip will require flexible applicants who have a zeal for the Great Commission.


Winter Dates: January 7 – 21
Spring Dates: April 2 – 15
Summer Dates: May – August
Fall Dates: October 1 – 7

All dates are subject to airfare availability.

Trip Cost: International: $2,900 — Domestic: $1,200
Lower airfare may result in the lowering of these price points for select trips.

Deadline(s)Contact the Bevin Center for more details.
Trip Deposit: $200*
Deposit covers student’s background check, training materials and initial travel expenses.

*The deposit is non-refundable, except in the event that the applicant is not approved.


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