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Effectiveness on the mission field begins with thoroughness in the classroom.

Alongside your classroom training, your professors will lead the way, extending your classroom training to the mission field. Each team is specifically designed to advance strategic gospel efforts and expose students to cross cultural missions.

What to Expect On a Bevin Center Trip

Culture Acquisition
Fundraising Guidance
Language Training
Cross Cultural Communication
Team Building
Evangelism Preparation
Faculty Instruction
Career Missionary Interaction
Course Credit
Contingency Protocol Education

International Trips

Team Mexico

Fall 2018 | Jim Stitzinger

Join us this October as we cross the southern border into Mexico. Students will spend Fall Break bringing the Good News to those working in the local blueberry fields.

Team North Africa

January 7-20 | Dr. Ayman Ibrahim

Receive practical training on how to evangelize within an Islamic culture!  Spend time with former Muslims and hear their insight and testimonies. The team will also visit Muslims and nominal Christians in underprivileged regions to practice what they have learned.

Team Middle East

March 30- April 7 | Andrew Rogers

Join us this Spring Break in the Middle East as we work with local pastors and their churches to minister to orphans and refugees. We will learn from these pastors how they implement their theological, discipleship, and counseling strategies to reach and serve those suffering around them.

Team Himalayas

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May 11-20 | Dr. Melissa Tucker

Travel to the Himalayas with Dr. Tucker to serve local children in nutrition centers, children homes, and a school.  You will have an opportunity to teach lessons, love on, and invest in those who often go without.  If your heart is for the unreached and children in need, this trip is for you.

Team Norway

May 29-June 10 | Dr. Melissa Tucker

Travel with Team Norway to the land of the vikings and share the good news in this post-Christian country. We will spend time encouraging believers as we visit local churches, serving and fellowshipping together, as well as conducting outreaches and evangelism in the multi-cultural city of Oslo.

Team Southeast Asia

May 2019 | Dr. George Martin

Team Southeast Asia will come alongside local Christian workers to partner in local evangelism in this region. Although once a closed country, the Lord has now opened doors to sharing the gospel.  Be a part of what God is doing now!

Team Horn of Africa

May 2018 | Dr. Brian Payne

Join Dr. Payne and an alumnus church planter as they partner together in East Africa to put on a pastors conference in Ethiopia’s capital of Addis Ababa.  After the conference is completed this team will rough it into the green hills of Africa for more rural ministry.

Team Sahara

June 7-15 | Dr. Ayman Ibrahim

Join Team Sahara and travel throughout North-West Africa to evangelize in urban settings, as well as unengaged unreached people groups (UUPGs).  Along the way, historical Christian sites will be explored and discussed in detail.  If you have a heart for lost people, church history, and the gospel, then Team Sahara is for you!

Team Mediterranean

July 4-14, 18-28 | Dr. D. Hernández

Prepare to partake in kingdom work as Team Mediterranean teaches/preaches, leads worship, serves those in need, and creatively engages the culture.  Students will have the opportunity to interact with people from various religious backgrounds, while overtly demonstrating the love of Christ in Gospel-oriented conversations.

Team Spain

July 12-22 | Dr. Matt Hall

Join Dr. Hall and Team Spain as they partake in the Camino de Santiago.  Students will walk this historically rich and famous trail with the intention to evangelize those they meet along the way.  Applicants should be prepared to walk several miles per day.

Team Scotland

June 28-July 6 | Dr. Tim Beougher

Travel to the beautiful country of Scotland and engage those living in underprivileged communities known as, “schemes”.  Join Southern and Boyce College as we partner with 20schemes to bring the love of Christ to this demographic and plant gospel-centered churches.

Team Pearl of Africa

Summer 2019 | Dr. Michael Pohlman

Travel to the Pearl of Africa to invest in the next generation of church leaders.  Spend time teaching in a local seminary and preaching to those in nearby communities.  If the Lord has gifted you with teaching and a heart for the lost, this trip may be for you!

Team Pacific Rim

Summer 2019 | Dr.  George Martin

Prepare to go country hopping in the Pacific Rim as we work to bring the gospel to the people of Asia. This trip will require flexible applicants who have a zeal for the Great Commission.

Team Persian Gulf

Summer 2019 | TBD

Has the Lord given you a heart for missions through business?  If so, you may be called to join Team Persian Gulf!  Students on this trip will engage Muslim populations, while also learning how to conduct business overseas.

Domestic Trips

Missions College

January 8-11 | Griffin Pearson

Join us for the IMB’s annual, Missions College!  Learn from missionaries and other churches who are involved in similar ministries. Missions College offers tracks on Orality, Community Transformation Training, Church Team Leader Training, Urban Short-Term Missions, and MissionScope – an introduction to and overview of short-term missions best practices.

Team SBC

June 6-8 | Dr. Beougher

For the week of the SBC, Southern Baptist seminaries are joining together for a week of evangelism training and outreach alongside the churches of Birmingham, Alabama.

Students will be responsible to arrange their own travel, meals, and lodging.

Contact Dr. Beougher for more information. 


Winter Dates: January 7 – 21
Spring Dates: April 1 – 5
Summer Dates: May – July
Fall Dates: September 30 – October 6

All dates are subject to airfare availability.

Trip Cost: International: $2,900 — Domestic: $1,200
Lower airfare may result in the lowering of these price points for select trips.

Deadline(s)Contact the Bevin Center for more details.
Trip Deposit: $200*
Deposit covers student’s background check, training materials and initial travel expenses.

*The deposit is non-refundable, except in the event that the applicant is not approved.


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