Please fill out the Bevin Center Mission Team Application below. If you have any questions please email Griffin Pearson at or call the Bevin Center at (502)897-4594.

Application Fee: $200
Please bring cash or check to the Bevin Center office located at Honeycutt 218 (above LifeWay Bookstore)

2017-2018 Missions Team Application

  • Personal Information

  • Passport Information

    If you do not have a Passport or if your Passport needs to be renewed please write, "Need Passport" or "Needs Renewal" in the "Issuing Country" box. In every other box just put the number "1" and for a picture just upload a recent headshot.
  • Medical

  • Write n/a if not applicable
  • Emergency Contact

  • Travel Insurance Beneficiary

    As a member of a Bevin Center missions team you will be given travel insurance for the duration of your trip. Below we ask that you place the name of the person you would like to have as your beneficiary (i.e. Spouse, Parent, Sibling, Child, etc.).
  • Student Information

  • Church Information

  • References

  • Missions Experience

  • List trips in chronological order
  • 2017-18 Bevin Center Trips

    Please choose your top two trip choices below. Please let us know why these are your choices in the "Additional Comments" section below. There are many circumstances that go into being placed on a team, please understand there is a possibility you may not get placed on your "First Choice" team.