Connecting the classroom to the mission field.

The Bevin Center for Missions Mobilization offers opportunities for you to glorify Christ as you engage unbelievers in Louisville, North America, and to the ends of the earth.



Don’t waste your time in Louisville. Commit yourself to proclaim Christ to unbelievers.

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India Cover


Life-long training through short-term missions that advance the gospel in cross-cultural contexts.

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Church Planting

Planting a new church is a tenacious work that requires careful training. Are you equipped?

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Gospel Toolbox

Taking the gospel into the world is work. Here are some tools to help you in the mission!

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The Bevin Center hosts events each year to help students grow as evangelists, missionaries, and church-planters.

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Military Community

We strive to be intentional in reaching and mobilizing our military community at Boyce and Southern.

Our Story

The Bevin Center was opened on October 9th, 2012 in honor of Brittiney Bevin; a 17-year old who tragically died in a car accident in front of the seminary. Matthew and Glenna Bevin provided an endowment to fund the center for the advancement of the gospel amongst the nation and nations.

The night before she died, Brittiney Bevin wrote this prayer in her journal.

“You hold the only peace that can fill the deepest hole. But how do I get it? You said, ‘Ask and you shall receive.’ I am asking and I know that you will give it to me. Every week you bless me so much and teach me lessons after lessons. I know that once again you are showing me your love. I can’t fathom how much you feel when one of your children suffers, but I’ve had a glimpse of your heartache. Please fill me with your wisdom that I won’t just watch others suffer, but that I’ll be able to say what they need to hear. As a new week approaches, my dangerous prayer is that you’ll place broken hearted people in my path and fill me with you so that I can let your love heal their pain.”

Alumni Missionaries

Read how our alumni are working to make Christ known to all people, both here and abroad.

Notable Alumni

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