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Missions and Mobilization Internship

Promote. Prepare. Participate.

As a Missions and Mobilization Intern, you will be on the frontline of the missionary task by working alongside faculty and field personnel to promote and participate in missions and ministry in Louisville and across the globe.

Internship application

Description and Benefits


As members of the Bevin team, Interns will:

  • Give a minimum of four hours of service weekly such as International Coffee Hour on Wednesday mornings.
  • Meet regularly for training and planning with Bevin Center staff, usually one to two Friday mornings per month.
  • Assist with Bevin Center activities and events, especially Great Commission Week, 1937 project, and mission trips.
  • Recruit Southern and Boyce students for Bevin Center activities, events, and trips.
  • Lead local evangelism and ministry activities.
  • Manage faculty-led ministry and mission trips as Team Managers (as-needed basis).


For their service, Interns can expect to:

  • Receive grants for Bevin Center Mission trips.
  • Gain team training and experience by assisting, managing, and leading ministry and mission-related projects and events.
  • Learn the philosophy and practice of missions and hear insights from experienced missionaries.
  • Grow spiritually as mentored by Bevin Center Staff and Director

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