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How to Live “Sent” at SBTS & Boyce College

Nathan — July 14, 2021

Moving to a new place has many unique challenges. One of those challenges is learning how to minister in a new city. It is very easy to get stuck inside of the Christian college and Seminary bubble, and at Boyce College and Southern Seminary, you will be surrounded by people that think like you and believe what you believe. This is an incredible blessing and we trust that you will grow immensely because of it, but we want to challenge you to leverage your time in Louisville preparing for ministry by ministering here and now. Below you will find some easy ways you can intentionally live to make disciples in the city you will call home for the next few years.


Students are often very busy and don’t have a ton of extra time to add things to their schedules. You don’t have to add a bunch of new things in order to reach the lost, you just need to be intentional with the things you already do. One way to meet internationals and build relationships in order to share the gospel is by eating at international restaurants. Visiting an international restaurant is about more than having a good meal; it provides the opportunity to experience and interact with different cultures and people here in Louisville. When you go to one of these restaurants pray for the internationals that frequent it and for the people of their home country. If you don’t know what country that is or the main religion of said country, ask!  

Local International Restaurants to visit:

  • Syrian Grill 
  • Vietnam Kitchen 
  • Safier Mediterranean Deli  
  • Shreeji Indian Vegetarian Street Food 
  • Shalimar Indian Restaurant 
  • La Rosita 
  • El Mariachi 
  • Baraka Restaurant 
  • Kathmandu Kitchen 
  • Falafel Oasis 
  • Sarang 
  • Senegambia International Restaurant 
  • Imanka Somali Restaurant


When you spend time overseas you will notice that a big part of being a missionary is strategically living among those you are trying to reach. That isn’t something only international missionaries should do but is a vital way to live “sent” where you are. Louisville is a very diverse city that offers many housing opportunities for internationals. Consider reaching out to one of these ministries in order to live strategically for the gospel.  

  • Refuge 
  • Apartment Live 
  • Ask your church if they would sponsor you to live among those they are trying to reach. Many churches are involved in apartment ministries.


One way to be a faithful ambassador for Christ is by frequenting the same place. As a seminary student, it isn’t always the easiest option to eat and shop at the same places, but this will allow you to see the same people frequently and build relationships with them. Check out some of these international-run businesses. 

  • Somali Mall International 
  • Jay Hind International Grocery 
  • Patel Brothers 
  • Choi’s Asian Food Market 
  • Mi Preferida Supermercado 
  • Nepali Store 
  • Golden Key International Grocery Store 


Once you have chosen a specific people group that you are going to try and reach in Louisville, find out where they socialize. For instance, if you are trying to reach Somalis, go to Somali restaurants and shop at the Somali mall. Over time, you will learn that Somalis tend to socialize in the coffee shop located in the Somali mall and they like to play football (soccer). With that in mind, frequent the coffee shop and lace up your boots in order to reach these people where they are. Be prepared to creatively cross-cultural barriers.

Things to consider: 

  • What is their culture?
    • What are the customs, idols, beliefs, etc… of these people? 
  • What barriers are there to the gospel?
    • What keeps these people from accepting the gospel? 
  • What are the possible bridges to the gospel?
    • What are some inroads to the gospel, and how will you contextualize it?  
  • Who will you partner with?
    • An essential part of living sent whether here or abroad is by doing it alongside fellow believers. Brainstorm a list of at least three people who will commit to reaching the Nations in Louisville alongside you.

Even with limited time in your schedule, you can still share the gospel cross-culturally and make disciples while here in Louisville. Go to the same barber and build a relationship with him. Frequent the same nail salon. Eat lunch with an international student. Turn everyday activities into gospel opportunities. Don’t waste your time here at Boyce College and Southern Seminary. Faithfully invest your time for the sake of the Gospel, both here and abroad.

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