Description and Benefits


As members of the Bevin team, Interns will:

  • Give a minimum of four hours of service weekly such as International Coffee Hour on Wednesday mornings.
  • Meet regularly for training and planning with Bevin Center staff, usually one to two Friday mornings per month.
  • Assist with Bevin Center activities and events, especially Great Commission Week, 1937 project, and mission trips.
  • Recruit Southern and Boyce students for Bevin Center activities, events, and trips.
  • Lead local evangelism and ministry activities.
  • Manage faculty-led ministry and mission trips as Team Managers (as-needed basis).


For their service, Interns can expect to:

  • Receive grants for Bevin Center Mission trips.
  • Gain team training and experience by assisting, managing, and leading ministry and mission-related projects and events.
  • Learn the philosophy and practice of missions and hear insights from experienced missionaries.
  • Grow spiritually as mentored by Bevin Center Staff and Director
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